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Exploring the Core Patterns and Movements of Ba Gua Nei Gong

  • Arts on Site 12 St. Marks Place NY, NY 10003 USA (map)

Exploring the Core Patterns and Movements of Ba Gua Nei Gong

Come join us while we dive into the Ba Gua Nei Gong Series each week and discover all it has to offer.


All of the Nei Gong and Qi Gong exercises presented in this series are pulled from the incredibly large Ba Gua Zhang system of practice. 

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or newcomer, there’s so much to glean.

Improved motor skills, an overall feeling of lightness and a clearer head are all byproducts of engaging with this material.

New exercises and practices will be presented each week, always with an emphasis on fundamentals and proper form.

All material will be pulled from one of the following methods:

  • Ba Gua Qi Cultivation Exercises
  • Ba Gua Circling Walking Nei Gong
  • Ba Gua Yin Yang PattingBa Gua 12 Standing Postures
  • Ba Gua Leading and Guiding (Dao Yin) Exercises
  • Ba Gua Foundational Body Training Exercises
  • Ba Gua Heavenly Stem (Tian Gan) Nei Gong

One class can feel refreshing, but the real treasures are to be found through consistent practice done over a period of time. Ideally, an initial commitment of 12 weeks is highly encouraged for everyone.

The exercises covered in this class will aid the student in helping to improve joint mobility, strengthen the tendons and bones and balance the musculature of the body all while opening the meridians and the extraordinary vessels.


  • Friday Evenings 7-8pm (Ongoing)


  • Drop-in - $10 single class
  • Monthly Unlimited - $75 per month (Covers 2 classes each week)

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