5 Element Gong

5 Element Gong is a refreshing 50-minute journey of body realignment and internal self discovery. Pulling from the 5 Element training program, this class is designed to activate the energetic channels in the body and harmonize the organs while opening up the body and connecting all movement with the breath and mind. The aim is to cultivate and teach the body how to move in a smooth, coordinated way with each movement gaining the support of the rest of the structure, generating relaxed, powerful movements that support us in our everyday lives. Each of the exercises taught in these classes are used to not only restore normal functioning of the body, both inside and out, but to also prevent future injury and disharmony.

The Reboot Gong -Essentials

The Reboot Gong Essentials is our prerequisite, 1 hour introductory class. Here we introduce first timers to all of the essential body alignments, power development drills, breathing and movement patterns required for all the exercises taught in the classes we teach. This class gives you the tools to reestablish the connections with your body and breath that you once had by pointing out and reawakening areas of the body that may have been lost to habitual patterns. The goal is to set you up for success. We’re looking for you to acquire a feeling of grounding and centering so powerful and accessible that it becomes a preoccupation that you’re able to tap into whenever you want to throughout each day.

Heavenly Stem Gong

This rejuvenating class introduces students to a powerful health preservation practice and set of exercises that work to wring out the spine, freeing up restrictions and blockages. The Heavenly Stem refers to the central longitudinal axis or stem that passes through the body. It begins at the perineum and goes through the spine passing through the brain and out through the top of the head. This axis must be free of restrictions for fluids and energy to circulate properly through the channels and for micro-circulation to properly supply the brain and spinal column with energy, blood and fluids. When this axis is free of restriction, the key central channels of the body, renmo and dumo, which run up the center of the back and down the center of the front of the body, are opened and free-flowing. This open energy flow stimulates and frees-up circulation in all the other channels and meridians throughout the body.

Shing Yee (Xing Yi) Gong

Shing Yee Gong is a complete and profound set of health maintenance and strength development exercises used to restore normal function and to cultivate power. This system promises to provide tremendous benefit to the nervous system, glands, internal organs, skeletal system, meridians and joints while generally strengthening, balancing and toning ones entire physical self. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, bouncing back from an illness or you’re looking to preserve good health, this series will deliver what you need. The creator of this series lived to over 100 years old and practiced these exercises every day. They are convenient, practical and timeless.

Qi (Chi) Cultivation Gong

Chi Cultivation Gong is a 50-minute class that introduces slow movements that engage with the natural vertical, horizontal and circular actions of the body’s central structure. These accessible but challenging sessions are meditative methods of movement that not only promote health and longevity, but also help you to develop whole-body coordinated actions and movements that carry over to all other activities in your life. As you move slowly with focused attention, chains of muscles contract and relax synergistically without engaging the inhibitory reflexes that can interfere with the movements reducing the applied force of the body’s innate strength and ability.

12 Postures Gong

In this more advanced class, students are guided through what’s referred to as the 12 Standing Postures. Not only do these postures (or stances) realign, strengthen and balance the body, but they work to stabilize all of the the joints. In spite of the external stillness of each posture, there is an ocean of movement occurring inside that we’re sensing and tuning into. This class presents a challenging mix of back-weighted, front-weighted and single leg postures that not only develop balance and refined strength but also open up the whole body.