Working with the team at Root of Movement has been a amazing team building activity and great way to start the day each week. Since mine and my employees time is limited, what we’ve learned has proven to be an extremely effective and convenient way to get both meditation and a workout in.
— Jason Havens, CEO of NVS

Our Chi Flow Workshops create an energetic dynamic that brings everyone together. This moving meditation can be performed in front of a desk, in a conference room, on a roof deck or in an open dedicated area.

In our opinion, team-building and wellness should go hand-and-hand. In each one of our sessions, everyone feeds off of one another's energy while at the same time stepping up individually.  

The Qi Gong session was refreshing and inspiring. Coordinating my breath and body movement was actually harder than I thought, but I feel more relaxed after going through a whole set of exercises. Really good experience and definitely worth a try! -
— Bold Worldwide Employee

What to expect:

  • A brief introduction about the history of Qi Gong, what it is, how it works, the benefits it can offer and the variety of different styles available. 
  • We begin the practice with setting up proper body alignments and breathing methods for all exercises. This is where we essentially develop the root of each one of the movements. 
  • Anywhere from 6-16 different exercises (depending on level of experience) are performed throughout each session. Our instructor(s) will lead the class and make corrections so all participants are moving correctly. 
  • We end each session Q & A. 
  • Access to videos of the exercises performed is also available depending on the corporate package.

There's no need to change clothes or shoes (although flat shoes/sneakers are preferable) - this type of exercise program is easy peasy. 

The Qi Flow workshops from Root of Movement made for the perfect gift for my clients. Not only were they incredibly unique, they demonstrated my appreciation in a thoughtful way while looking out for my clients and their employees wellbeing. I highly recommend this to any sales person or business owner looking for gift ideas for their clients!
— Jeffrey Nolte, CEO Nolte


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