What is Dampness in Chinese medicine?

A type of corruption of water and Qi in the body.

Dampness analogies.

Dampness can act like a poor phone connection. Everything is functioning well, however, information and signals just aren't coming through; they are blocked creating issues for people on both ends. Important text messages wont come through, communication breaks down and important news alerts can't come through. This is not good!

Dampness can also be like when a beaver creates a damn in a stream. The water upstream runs into the damn and becomes blocked and disrupted. Below the damn water begins to pool and collect sediment from the sides of the stream. New water isn't able to flow through and clean out the stagnant water which becomes filled with debris (sticks, leaves, dirt, etc.). The stagnant water become inhabitable over time and until the beaver damn is removed and the debris is cleaned up, the stream wont flow as nature intended.  

Related organ?


How is Dampness generated?

Dampness is created by the Spleen and entire digestive system. Dampness is a byproduct of everything the Spleen does as it makes Qi, Blood, etc. Its when it gets to a level that the body cant get rid of the dampness does it become a problem.  The first place that dampness is going to collect and damage is the Spleen itself because that’s the site of its creation. Once the Spleen becomes lodged with Dampness, it must be removed for things to function normally again. 

How can Dampness manifest?

  • It can feel like heaviness in the body.
  • Feeling lethargic.
  • A feeling of "I cant do that feeling".
  • Loose or not formed bowel movements. Mucus in stool.
  • Poor quality of thinking. Unable to find the words to express yourself. 
  • Negatively effects the body's ability to process food and information. 
  • Either really, really hungry or not at all.
  • You may eat a whole meal and can eat again almost right afterwards.
  • Can potentially go for several days of not eating much at all and you barely notice it.
  • Weight gain. Bloated. Pudgy. 
  • Water retention. Edema. 
  • Feeling of looking to push things through the body. Alcohol or coffee cravings.

    Other areas Dampness can effect?

    If lodged in Stomach, you probably wont feel thirsty; water will be unappealing. You'll more likely crave flavored drinks, which unfortunately, can also contribute to dampness.

    If enters the Large Intestine, can induce diarrhea and urgency to poop.   

    How to improve and then prevent Dampness?

    Avoid damp producing foods such as:

    Movement helps get rid of dampness Low impact exercise such as Qigong, Taichi, Yoga are excellent to counter Dampness.