Eric darton

Eric darton

Eric has practiced Liang style Ba Gua Zhang for fourteen years under Tom
Bisio. He’s assisted Bisio in teaching for several years and is certified to teach under New York Internal Arts and Internal Arts International.

Eric's engagement with Ba Gua Zhang began as a result of learning a series of Qi Gong techniques in order to recover from a serious illness.

It became quickly apparent to him that practicing Ba Gua Zhang as a martial art augmented and greatly enhanced the health benefits and efficacy of the Qi Gong exercises.

Today, Eric uses the principles he’s learned through Ba Gua to open wine bottles, pull down shades, screw in lightbulbs, as well as avoid cars or bikes unexpectedly rounding corners, or folks barreling heedlessly out of subway cars as they text.

Though Ba Gua Zhang is a powerful method of self-defense, one of its main benefits is that its movement principles begin to permeate one’s everyday life. Ba Gua’s emphasis on the continuous change of one’s “moving root,” has made negotiating the unpredictable streets of New York as a pedestrian and bicyclist a vastly more pleasurable (and safer) experience than he could have imagined fourteen years ago.