Whether you've been training with us for a while or you're brand new to Ba Gua Zhang, we have a lot in store for you.

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New weekly class starting in September!

Bagua delivers the perfect combination of health preservation, exercise, meditation, self-defense, stretching and self-cultivation into one practice. 

Join us this season as we dive deep into these practices and explore profound art of Ba Gua! 


The practice has measurably improved my focus, strength and confidence which has trickled over into my schoolwork and personal life. It offers a mind-body and energetic connection rarely found in other sports or physical disciplines, and Jonathan works with me to evoke the best of these connections.
— Cody Gaspard, Ba Gua student

What to expect this Fall:

Level 1

This class teaches the basic movement and mindfulness skills of the Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang.

All material covered is designed to break up and dissolve any blockages or obstructions in the body, loosen the muscles, open the joints and create a unified, whole body structure.

The result is a harmonious body, mind and spirit where all components are able to move freely.

This class is perfect for anyone looking to cultivate an internal practice that includes standing, walking and dynamic movements. These exercises are at the heart of  longevity and health preserving regimes in Chinese internal martial arts. 

(Thursday Evenings 6-7:30pm)

  • Zhan Zhuang - Stake Standing Nei Gong  
  • Qi Cultivation Exercises Nei Gong 
  • Ding Shi - Fixed Posture Circle Walking Nei Gong
  • 12 Standing Postures

Level 2


In this class we'll be diving deeper into the art covering a variety of practices that further help to train the body.

All material covered will continue to develop and integrate the material covered in Level 1 while at the same time introduce more complete expressions of the practice. 

*** Completion of at least one 3 month long Level 1 class or equivalent is required to join a Level 2 class.***


(Thursday Evenings 7:30-9pm)

    • Tian Gan Heavenly Stem Nei Gong  
    • Ji Ben Gong - Foundational Exercises  
    • Lao Ba Zhang - Old 8 Palms
    • Basic Linear Movements
    • Applications



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    We're announcing drop-in classes! If you’ve completed at least one 3 month session of level 1, you're welcome to drop in on any class for $35. Please contact us before hand to confirm.

    Location Details:

    Thursday Evenings Sept 6th - Nov 22 

    • Beginning Ba Gua Zhang Level 1: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
    • Beginning Ba Gua Zhang Level 2: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

    Manhattan Locations:

    Thursdays  - 158 Grand Street New York, NY