For the Office

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Gift Certificate Business.jpg

For the Office

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Are you looking for a gift that will stand out? A gift that the entire office will enjoy? This present offers companies a workshop that is both energizing and educational. The entire staff will no doubt appreciate the gesture. 

What to expect:

  • A brief discussion about the history of Qi Gong, what it is, how it works, how it relates to Chinese medicine, the benefits it can offer and the variety of different styles available. 
  • We begin the practice with setting up proper body alignments and breathing methods for all exercises. This is where we essentially develop the root of each one of the movements. 
  • Anywhere from 5-8 different exercises are taught during each session. Our instructor(s) will lead the class and make corrections so all participants are moving correctly. 
  • We end each session with a few minutes of breathing and standing to help wind down and reset for the rest of the workday. 
  • Access to videos of the exercises performed is also available depending on the corporate package.


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