Discovering An Internal Practice Offers Individuals A Deep Reintegration With The Inherent Nature They're Born With.

A New Energy For The Workplace Which Breeds A Contagious Blend Of Mental Clarity, Creativity, And Enthusiasm.


Whether It's For An Existing Client, Holiday Gift Or Just To Say I'm Thinking Of You, This Unique Gift Stand Out.  

Reduced stress, fatigue, insomnia and pain. Improved memory, digestion, creativity and productivity. These are some of the initial benefits. We live in a fast-paced, busy, and stressful world. This is why there has never been a more relevant time to begin an internal practice.


Qi Gong is system of practice which engages the entire body through deliberate movements, deep and natural breathing, and focused mind intention.

During practice, we aim to release all muscular tension in our body, while at the same time feel a sense of engagement. There is a feeling of resistance or viscosity that we move through which demands the attention and support of the entire body in order to achieve the movement.