Jonathan Breshin

Jonathan Breshin

Jonathan Breshin started Root of Movement in 2016 with the mission of empowering and sharing with others the incredibly rich, accessible and transformative internal practices of Qigong, Nei Gong and Bagua Zhang.

For almost a decade Jonathan has been training under the teachings of New York Internal Arts (NYIA) and Internal Arts International (IAI).

He was introduced to these arts by his practitioner, Tom Bisio, Lac in 2010.

He is a certified instructor through NYIA and has studied with practitioners from across the US and abroad and traveled as far as Beijing, China to train with several masters of Ba Gua Zhang, Nei Gong and Qin Na (joint locking and seizing techniques).

Jonathan has also completed 3 years of medical training under Tom Bisio, Lac and Frank Butler, Lac earning his certification in Tui Na Bodywork. He also apprentices weekly in a busy clinic in Manhattan under Luke Hamilton, Lac and continuously attends classes and workshops each year in related subjects.

Jonathan had worked as an electrician for years – pulling heavy wires, drilling into concrete – and had developed chronic wrist pain that made suffering a part of his job and daily life. He would undergo 2 failed surgeries. He was not willing to undergo a 3rd.

Many doctor visits ensued, and all of them were in agreement: nothing was wrong. Discomfort, sharp pains, weakness; these are all parts of life, he was told, and, after accepting that, he lived with it for 7 more years.   

Jonathan was skeptical, one day, when a friend recommended an acupuncturist. The man he met offered no cure, no quick fix and no abatement to his pain. He only presented a set of movement and breathing exercises, called Qi Gong.

The man carried himself with such calm, such effortlessness and grace, Jonathan was compelled to watch and listen.

Within a year of regular practice of Qi Gong and Ba Gua Zhuang, Jonathan’s pain was gone. When he practiced consistently, not only was his body released from tension and pain, but it helped him to develop strength, coordination, patience and mental focus.

His energy levels spiked. His mind was clear and digestive issues he lived with since childhood were also resolved

What started out as a means of curing his wrist pain turned into a lifetime pursuit and a way to quantify a feeling of daily (and yearly) personal progress.

Before practicing these arts, he relied on someone else to fix or heal his ailments. His own body was a mystery – worse, a daily inconvenience.

Qi Gong harnessed his body back into his own control, and empowered him with the sense of complete self-control, both physically, energetically and mentally.  

Now, as a professional instructor, he says, “Perhaps most gratifying of all has been the opportunity to empower others who want to take control of their physical well-being.” 

Internal martial arts teachers Jonathan has studied under include:

Tom Bisio • Wes Tasker • Valerie Ghent • Gao Ji Wu • Zhao Da Yuan • Tim Cartmel • Luo Dexiu • Changrong Sun