Mark greenfield

Mark greenfield


Mark has trained in martial arts for over 30 years.

Mark’s interest originally grew out of a desire to learn how to defend himself, and over the years has grown into a passion to maintain a healthy body, a relaxed mind and a centered spirit in addition to the practicality of self-defense.

In the early years of his training, he studied extensively in the Brazilian art of Capoiera (with Mestre Ombrinho in NYC) as well as in Kung Fu and Tai Chi with various teachers around the country.

After many years of working in physical theatre and his practicing of external martial arts, it led to some serious lower back problems which eventually steered Mark towards the internal arts of Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi.  

For the past 8 years, Mark has been studying with Tom Bisio and New York Internal Arts. His work with Tom not only helped Mark to improve his lower back, it also helped Mark come to a greater understanding of the other martial arts he had already been studying for more than two decades.

Marks training has led him around the world taking several trips to China to study under masters of Ba Gua Zhang.

Mark recognizes that one of the aims of martial arts is to learn practical self-defense, but takes into consideration that if the practice of martial arts is leading to injuries those injuries can negatively impact a practitioner’s overall ability to perform.

Mark’s unique teaching approach emphasizes developing the body-mechanics and skills that will help students improve their ability to defend themselves, but in such a way that will promotes longevity, health and peace of mind.