Whether you've been training with us for a while or you're brand new to Ba Gua Zhang, we have a lot in store for you. A new season brings new material and we're super excited! 

What you'll learn this Spring in Level 1:

The Level 1 intensives this season will be focusing on the quintessential movement pattern that the entire martial art of Ba Gua Zhang is based on  - The Single Palm Change.

This short sequence of postures cleanly demonstrates and trains all the spiraling body principles that power the more advanced material in the art.

The stepping training in level 1 this session will return to circle walking, with a particular focus on drilling the classical millstone posture that is the preparation for the Single Palm Change.


Additional Material for Level 1:

  • Circular changes
  • Applications
  • Millstone circle walking
  • Ba Gua Broadsword circle walking
  • Ba Gua Broadsword attacking and blocking fundamentals
  • Wu Ji Zhan Zhuang - Standing Meditation 
  • Yu Bei Shi - preparatory posture
  • Linear Mud Stepping
  • Circular Coin Stepping
  • Circular Scissor Stepping
  • Linear changes




What you'll learn this Spring in Level 2:

The Level 2 class will be training the 28 Ji Ben Gong Fundamental Exercises and the Double Palm Change.

These two formative pieces of training are some of our favorite to teach - we’ve both seen some amazing body changes in students who make progress with either of these pieces of material.

The Ji Ben Gong exercises, when memorized and performed smoothly, is an efficient and effective 25 minute long warm up that over time builds a body that can functionally express the Ba Gua principles consistently under stress.

The Ji Ben Gong could serve to enhance your martial skill or rehabilitate an old injury - it is simply amazing training for opening the tissues and channels, realigning your structure, strengthening the sinews and reintegrating the body.




The Double Palm Change is clearly a variation of the single palm change, it also has some challenging transitions that can take time to get right. 

We’ve heard  our teacher Tom frequently mention how difficult, yet essential, the Double Palm Change is to training Ba Gua. For these reasons, we are very excited to have a whole session dedicated to cleaning up and informing all of your Double Palm Changes!

As it is with circle walking and the Single Palm Change, any corrections effectively applied to your Double Palm Change should have far reaching positive effects throughout the rest of your material.



We're super excited to announce that all classes will be introduced to the Ba Gua broadsword! 

The broadsword training demonstrates the principles of empty hand Ba Gua perfectly, and even just starting to explore it will have immediate benefits on your practice.

There are few things that teach footwork and distance as effectively as applications practiced with blades. 

Besides being educational it’s fun! Who, deep down, doesn’t enjoying play fighting in slow motion in the park with plastic swords and a good group of training buddies? Beyond the benefits of the weapons training, it’s also a great opportunity to get in some scenic outdoors time on these long New York summer nights. 



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We're announcing drop-in classes! If you’ve completed at least one 3 month session of level 1, you're welcome to drop in on any level 1 class for $30. More advanced students, drop-ins are possible at level 2 as well, but please contact us before hand to confirm.

Location Details:

Thursday Evenings April 26th - July 26th (New students are welcome from April 26th - May 17th)

  • Beginning Ba Gua Zhang Level 1: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
  • Beginning Ba Gua Zhang Level 2: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Manhattan Locations:

  • April 26th - May 31st: Training at Moving Body Resources, located on the 4th floor of 112 W 27th St
  • June 7th - July 26th: Training in Central Park West at 81st 

Starting June 7th, classes will combine for a single 2 hour class in Central Park from 6:30-8:30pm
(In case of rain during park training, makeup class will be held the following Mondays)

Tuesday Evenings April 17th - July 24th (New students are welcome from April 17th - May 15th) *No class on Tuesday, May 1st

  • April 17th - May 29th: Classes held 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Brooklyn Commons Cafe located at 388 Atlantic Ave
  • June 5th - July 24th: Classes held 6:30-8:30 pm in Fort Greene Park to the West of the monument

(In case of rain during park training, makeup class will be held the following Wednesday)