Our Chi Flow Workshops create an energetic dynamic that brings everyone together. This moving meditation can be performed in front of a desk, in a conference room, on a roof deck, or in an open dedicated area.

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We deliver workshops and/or ongoing group classes to businesses and organizations. 

What to expect:

  • A brief discussion about the history of Qi Gong, what it is, how it works, the benefits it can offer and the variety of different styles available. 
  • We begin the practice with setting up proper body alignments and breathing methods for all exercises. This is where we essentially develop the root of each one of the movements. 
  • Anywhere from 6-16 different exercises (depending on level of experience) are performed throughout each session. Our instructor(s) will lead the class and make corrections so all participants are moving correctly. 
  • We end each session with a few minutes of breathing and standing to help wind down and reset for the rest of the workday. 
  • Access to videos of the exercises performed is also available depending on the corporate package.

There's no need to change clothes or shoes (although flat shoes/sneakers are preferable) - this type of exercise program is easy peasy.