Reggie Haley

Reggie Haley

Reggie began his training in Shotokan Karate in the mid-seventies earning a green belt under Sensei's Calvin and Melvin Wilder.

He has studied Judo at the Dayton YMCA, briefly trained under James Laster in Tiger and Crane Gong Fu, Dayton, Ohio, and resumed training in Athens Ohio under Soya Billy Hawkins in Bando (Burmese Martial Art) becoming an Assistant Instructor, 1980-1984 and continuing his training under Sifu Paka Khan, continuing Bando study and receiving a Brown Belt.

He has trained in Muay Thai for two years with Kru Harold Clarke.

In 1995/1996 he began study with Tom Bisio in Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang to present.

Reggies training has taken him around the world attending seminars in Beijing China with Master Gao Ji Wu twice and Master Zhao Da Yuan.

He has attended seminars with Luo Te Tse in Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan in Philadelphia and NYC

Reggie recently co-instructed Women's Self Defense seminar in 2016.

Styles: Hei Bei and Shanxi Xing Yi Quan methods; Ba Gua Zhang primarily Liang Zhen Pu method and has trained in Gao Yi Sheng method as well.