Root of Movement Internal Arts is a team of passionate, dedicated internal martial artists who have trained under the teachings of New York Internal Arts and Internal Arts International. We are on a mission to bring these amazing practices to the lives of as many people as possible through corporate workshops, group classes and private lessons.

Emotional stress and anxiety, physical pain, digestive imbalances and insomnia are more common today than every before. Fortunately, the internal arts that we teach directly and indirectly address all of these imbalances, and many more.    

When we bring these time-tested exercises to a 21st century audience, it never gets old! It never gets boring. It's never without results.


Jonathan Breshin

My journey to the Chinese Internal Arts started out with pain and helplessness.

As an electrician, my job consisted of intense manual labor – pulling heavy wires, drilling into concrete – and, after some chronic wrist pain and undergoing two failed surgeries, the occasional pain became constant and unbearable. 

Many doctor visits ensued, and all of them were in agreement: nothing was wrong. Discomfort,  sharp pains, weakness – these are all parts of life, I was told, and accepting that, I lived with it for 7 more years.   

One day a friend suggested I speak with a martial artist and acupuncture practitioner. Skeptical but desperate enough, I agreed. The man offered no cure, no quick fix and no abatement to my pain. He only presented a set of movement and breathing exercises, which he called Qi Gong.

The whole thing was so foreign, on so many levels, and looked quiet strange. But the man carried himself with such calm, such effortlessness and grace, I was compelled to watch and listen.

Within a year of regular practice of Qi Gong and later Ba Gua, my pain was gone. When I practiced consistently, not only was my body released from tension and pain, but it helped me to develop strength, coordination, patience and mental focus. What started out as a means of curing my pain turned into a lifetime pursuit and a way to quantify a feeling of daily (and yearly) personal progress.

Before practicing these arts, I relied on someone else to “fix” or heal my ailments. my own body was a mystery – worse, a daily inconvenience. These practices harnessed my body back into my own control, and has empowered me with the sense of complete self-control, both physically, energetically and mentally.  

My practice eventually brought me to Beijing China, where I studied under masters of the art forms. Now as a teacher, perhaps most gratifying of all, has been the opportunity to empower others who want to take control of their physical well-being. 

Since 2010, I've has been training in the marvelous arts of Ba Gua Zhang, Nei Gong and Qi Gong under the teachings of New York Internal Arts (NYIA) and Internal Arts International (IAI).

I was certified in Chinese medical massage (Tui Na) under Zheng Gu Tui Na in 2015.


I was certified as an instructor through NYIA in Feb of 2016. That August I traveled to Beijing, China to train for several weeks in Ba Gua Zhang, Nei Gong and Qin Na (joint locking and seizing techniques).

I am also currently going to school for Chinese Medicine at Tri-State College of Acupuncture. 

Teachers I've studied under include:

Tom Bisio • Wes Tasker • Gao Ji Wu • Zhao Da Yuan • Tim Cartmel • Luo Dexiu 

Thad Wong

Thad pic.JPG

I began my Chinese martial arts training in 1993 studying Jeet Kune Do, then Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, an art I taught in NYC for six years.

I've held the rank of 5th degree black belt Associate Master in Shaolin Kung Fu for many years. However, today I am an instructor in Ba Gua Zhang and Qi Gong with New York Internal Arts and I'm currently completing instructor training in Xing Yi Quan.

I have traveled and studied extensively in China, and I have a passion for teaching. 

Greg Johnston

greg j.png

I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a busy clinic in Salem, VA.

I have been involved in martial arts since 1995 and I'm currently teaching weekly classes in Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Meditation and Stress Reduction.

I also teach classes in Chinese medicine nutrition, cooking and other Chinese medicine related topics. I've also been a guest lecturer at Roanoke college and Virginia Tech University.

I can be reached at: Dancing Crane Center for Chinese Medicine website.

Eric Darton


I have practiced Liang style Ba Gua Zhang for fourteen years under Tom
Bisio, a BGZ master and eminent practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. I assisted
Bisio in teaching for several years and am certified by him to teach foundational Liang
style Ba Gua Zhang.

My engagement with Ba Gua Zhang began as a result of learning a series of Qi Gong techniques in order to recover from a serious illness. It became quickly apparent to me that practicing Ba Gua Zhang as a martial art augmented and greatly enhanced the health benefits and efficacy of the Qi Gong exercises.

Today, I use Ba Gua Zhang techniques to open wine bottles, pull down shades, screw in lightbulbs, as well as avoid cars or bikes unexpectedly rounding corners, or folks barreling heedlessly out of subway cars as they text.

Though Ba Gua Zhang is a powerful self-defense form, one of its benefits is its movement principles begin to permeate one’s everyday life. BGZ’s emphasis on the
continuous change of one’s “moving root,” has made negotiating the unpredictable streets of New York as a pedestrian and bicyclist a vastly more pleasurable (and safer) experience than I could have imagined thirteen years ago.