Qi Gong exercises are characterized by deliberate movements, body alignment, deep natural breathing, and focused mind intention.

The practice has measurably improved my focus, strength and confidence which has trickled over into my schoolwork and personal life. It offers a mind-body and energetic connection rarely found in other sports or physical disciplines, and Jonathan works with me to evoke the best of these connections.
— Cody Gaspard, Graduate Student and Hospitality Professional

The movements and exercises in Qi Gong take the body's muscles, joints, tissues, and bones through their natural rotations and ranges of motion. For each movement, the entire body is called upon to work in a coordinated manner, so each part of the body gains the support of its other parts. 

During practice, we aim to release all tension in our body, while at the same time feel a sense of engagement. There is a feeling of resistance or viscosity that we move through which demands the attention and support of the entire body in order to achieve the movement. 

There are probably thousands of different Qi Gong exercises, forms and sets. And, Qi Gong can be done standing, sitting, laying down and/or walking, so anyone, regardless of their ability can participate in some capacity. 


  • Increased blood flow to the brain

  • Improved balance and flexibility

  • Reduced arthritis pain and stiffness in the joints leading to reducing the consumption of pain medication

  • Improved sleep and reduced daytime fatigue and drowsiness

  • Improved memory

  • Reduced stress and fight or fight response

  • Improved sex drive

  • Improved digestion

  • Reduced cortisol (stress hormone) levels

  • Increased levels of anti-aging enzymes (Superoxide Dismutase 'SOD')

  • Increased immunity to the Varicella Zoster Virus (Shingles)

  • Reduced psychological distress

  • Improvements in conditions such as Cardiac Arrhythmia, Herpes Simplex, Bronchial Asthma, Diabetes, Duodenal ulcers, and Hypertension

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Regular Practice Of Qi Gong Can Help Improve Health And Increase Resistance To Disease And Sickness. A Sample List Of Some Benefits Include:



When you practice Qi Gong, you're participating in a tradition that has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. These exercises have withstood the test of time, not because they’re nice to look at, but because of their effectiveness on healthcare and wellbeing.

These exercises not only help to improve the quality of your physical and mental state, they’re extremely convenient as well. Qi Gong can be performed anywhere, and does not require a lot of time. Whether you're at home, in a park, at your office or waiting in an airport, you can knock out a quick set and feel completely revitalized.